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Research Design and Proposal for Posgraduate

Research Design and Proposal for Posgraduate

The first task for a postgraduate student is to present his research proposal to his supervisor and a good research proposal will convince his supervisor that the student has a clear idea about his research problem and how to carry out his task as a researcher until successfully finished his postgraduate study.

Thus, this eBook will guide postgraduate students on how to prepare a systematic research proposal. It teaches the student how to identify research problems by doing an extensive literature review and consequently, proposing convincing hypotheses. Identifying development and analytical requirements such as programming language, software tools, and hardware to implement the experimentation and technical and analytical tools to evaluate the results.

The student will also learn how to schedule an overall research implementation plan that shows the job pieces such as literature review, system design, data collection, coding, testing, analysis, thesis writing, and report writing. Each job piece will be allocated the time duration, cost, and milestone in the form of a Gantt chart.

Nor Hafiza Abd Samad, Prof Dr Ramlan Mahmod

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