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How Scientist Must Write

How Scientist Must Write

The outcome of the research is that the researcher or scientist will publish his findings in a scientific journal or conference proceeding with the purpose of sharing his works among fellow scientists. His manuscript somehow should be comprehensive, clear, and easily understood.


Thus, this eBook will guide scientists to prepare their manuscript that will deliver the message correctly, but at the same time easily understood and interesting. It starts with describing the basic English construct with the objective to write correct, clear, and simple English presentations. 


It then describes the seven principles of good writing habits which are explanation, clarity, completeness, order, accuracy, objectivity, and simplicity. It also tells you to avoid jargons that are common in public conversation but are not suitable in scientific manuscripts which needs precise words and meanings.

 Nor Hafiza Abd Samad, Prof. Dr. Ramlan Mahmod, TS. Anis Juanita Mohd Zainudin

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